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Our Team

Team BOCP has the sales and operating experience, in combination with a private equity background, to provide valuable insight to companies in transition or just seeking growth opportunities.

Through equity partners we represent, we can help finance a company’s corporate development plans. Sometimes it makes sense to bring in outside capital to fuel future acquisitions or investments in organic growth, including initiatives that we might develop in partnership, or for the principal owners to take some chips off the table by bringing in a strategic equity partner. 

Our Focus

BOCP engages with privately held and family-owned businesses who are at the intersection of strategy, growth, and capital. We collaborate with leadership on a variety of corporate issues with a dedicated focus on enterprise development. 


We have learned that one of the challenges facing many private and family-owned firms, even those with a solid business and operating plan and strong performance, is that it can be helpful to have access to an impartial sounding board. We engage with leadership to refine their agenda and strategic planning in the role of active listeners and credible, experienced operators and investment executives.

Connect with Us


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